Ticket Information

Entry is $10 per person, a $2 discount is applied with a canned good donation. Fastpasses are also available for $15 (no discounts.) There are no ticket refunds.

Soupy Sundays!

Bring in two cans of soup (must be soup) on any Sunday to get $5 off your ticket. Other canned goods still get up to a $2 discount.

Dates and Hours of Operation

The 2016 Haunted Hall opens September 30 and runs every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through October 29th.

Friday and Saturday 8pm - 11pm
Sunday 7pm - 9pm

The Hall remains open until all ticket purchasers have gone through.

Lights Up Night

There will be a lights up night on Oct. 23 from 6pm to 6:45pm. The children get to go trick or treating through the (much less scary) Haunted Hall as well as getting a trip through our giant vortex tunnel! Cost is $5 per child, adults free.

This year features myths and legends!

For our 27th year the Haunted Hall brings to the forefront myths and legends both wanted and unwanted. What really lies in the sewers? Are there alien visitors? And will the fury behemoth finally show himself? This years Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall has the answers.